About Us

Hey, there! I'm Jen.  Over the course of 10 years and taking care of my 5 babies, I got really frustrated that there wasn't a better solution for drying and storing the syringe and plunger of baby medicine.  How long had we been using that paper towel to dry the pieces?  Was it clean still or did we need another one?    And storing the whole mess in baggies was terrible because it always became damp and gooey and would fall down in the medicine cabinet.  So irritating!

So I designed and invented Syrgi, the world's only clip to attach a syringe and separated plunger to a bottle (patent pending).  We 3D print our products using PLA plastic.  There are multiple sizes to fit your needs.

I'm passionate about finding practical, cost-effective solutions to everyday parenting problems.

Thanks for stopping by!