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A Clean, Convenient Solution For Baby's Medicine

syrgi is a clip that attaches to your baby's medicine to hold the syringe and plunger,
for clean and convenient drying and storage

how will syrgi help?

convenient drying and storage

No more searching messy drawers for missing parts!

hygienic and tidy

No more drying the parts on random surfaces!

no more baggies or boxes

No more storing the mess in a baggie or a crumpled box!

Why Syrgi?

jen born

Any time my baby needed medicine, we were searching for the syringe and plunger. To me, the most frustrating thing was that over and over, after giving baby the medicine and washing the syringe and plunger, I had to use a paper towel or something to let them dry. It created SUCH a mess that I was tired of! I wanted a clean, convenient solution. Now everything stays together in a tidy system that’s super easy to use! It stores well in the cabinet and everything is clean!

Jen Born
Syrgi inventor

Our Products

Big Syrgi

Fits most 2oz bottles with their syringes and plungers

Big Syrgi

Small Syrgi

Fits most 1oz bottles with their syringes and plungers

Small Syrgi

Syrgi One

A one-size-fits-most solution that gives you a “holster”
for the syringe and plunger

patent pending

Syrgi One