Gift Set

Treat Them to a Gift Set!
Treat Them to a Gift Set!

You Want to Give a Thoughtful, Helpful Gift

Our one-of-a-kind clips help on the days parents need it most

This Gift Set contains:

- 1 oz Infants' Tylenol®
- .5 oz Infants' Motrin®
- a Syrgi clip to fit each of the medicines (1 Big & 1 Small Syrgi clip).

Note: Manufacturers include dosage-marked syringe and plunger in the sealed box.


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How Syrgi clips work to make baby medicine better
Syrgi is a clip you attach to your baby's medicine to hold the syringe and plunger, for convenient drying and storage.

Available in Pink, Blue, and White

Don't They Deserve Better?

Babies get sick. And that's hard enough.
But sometimes the parts for dosage are missing or they're dirty. And if it's in the middle of the night, it's so much worse.
Syrgi is here to help.


Real Reviews From Real Customers


I definitely recommend it!

My baby has some health issues that require her to take medicine daily and I love the clip. It’s always easy to find the syringe and I don’t have to worry about it sitting on the counter/shelf to potentially get germs on it. I definitely recommend it!

Jenna B.

I LOVE these clips!

The Syrgis are amazing! – funniest part was that I had to find all of the syringe pieces before I could use them!  I LOVE these clips! They are such a great idea! I seriously couldn’t stop raving when I first saw them!

Sara McKernan

I didn’t realize how much I needed this wonderful little tool!

When I received a syrgi I didnt realize how much I needed this wonderful little tool!  My 7 month old has been on and off antibiotics his whole life, so I am constantly using a syringe with him. Syrgi has helped me keep the syringes with his medication and not in some random drawer in the kitchen.
Let Syrgi take away one momma-stress by giving your baby’s syringes a home!
Brittany W.


How will Syrgi help?


Convenient drying and storage

No more searching messy drawers for missing parts! Say goodbye to soggy paper towels and lost parts. You'll always know all the parts are together and ready to go. Compact, lightweight, reusable, & easy to carry.

Hygienic and tidy

No more drying the parts on random surfaces! Safely and effectively keep everything organized and hygienic. No more rolling around in a messy drawer getting dirt, hair, and germs on them.

No more baggies or boxes

No more storing the mess in a baggie or a crumpled box! Try the clean, convenient, frustration-free solution that parents everywhere trust. Kid-friendly, 100% Guarantee. Made of 100% BPA-free plastic in the USA.