You care about your patients and their families

Lost syringes. Soggy paper towels lying on the counter from drying the parts. Your patients' families deserve better.

Whether the animal is senior, special needs, or just sick, here’s how pet owners can take the frustration out of giving their pets medicine with Syrgi clips:

No more mixing up parts - Easily keep syringes with the correct medication and prevent cross-contamination.

Stay organized and prepared - Ensure accurate dosage, and keep everything you need clean, tidy, and ready for the next dose. No more lost syringes!

Sell a Product You Know Will Help

You provide your patients with medicine every day. Offer their families Syrgi clips in your clinic for a clean and convenient experience.

Not ready to be a retailer?

Partner with Syrgi as an affiliate! Earn a 10% commission on confirmed orders by simply sharing Syrgi's one-of-a-kind products with your patients' families.

Such a lifesaver!!

I had an elderly cat and with age, cats have medical needs. My cat needed medicine daily in liquid form. Syrgi was a life saver, literally, as I was misplacing the syringes to shoot the medicine down her throat. Syrgi was a perfect fit. No more lost syringes, and my cat received the medicine she needed to make the test of her life as comfortable as possible.

Rose W.