What is Syrgi?

The Design of Syrgi
Syrgi is a one-of-a-kind clip specifically designed to provide a frustration-free experience to parents and caregivers while medicating their babies.
How Syrgi clips work to make baby medicine better
The Old Way vs The Syrgi Way
Big & Small Syrgi combo

Syrgi changes all of this by providing a tidy and hygienic drying and storage solution to keep everything you need to give baby medicine clean and ready for the next dose.  You'll have everything you need to give baby what baby needs immediately.

Such a great little tool!

Syrgi is such a great little tool! Before, we couldn’t keep track of the medicine syringes and they were often dirty from not drying properly. Now, Syrgi keeps the parts all together with the correct medicine bottle and keeps them clean and dry too! I would recommend Syrgi to anyone with infants and toddlers to help keep the medicine cabinet organized and clean!

Katie M.