That’s Better

That’s Better

Take the Frustration Out of Giving Baby Medicine

Syrgi is a little clip that gives you
a clean & convenient way
to dry & store the syringe & plunger
of baby's medicine.


End the Mess

Having a sick baby is hard enough. Giving them their medicine should at least be clean and convenient.

messy drawer

Tired of searching for the syringe and plunger of baby's medicine?

a syringe and plunger on a soggy paper towel

Frustrated by drying the parts on paper towels or whatever is laying around?

Fed up with storing the whole mess in baggies or the crumpled box?


The Design of Syrgi

We believe in finding innovative solutions for everyday problems--to make your day better.

We're parents, too.  We know that caring for a sick infant is really hard.  And we love how Syrgi makes it clean & convenient to give baby medicine.


They’re Amazing!

Before Syrgi, it was a hassle to keep all the syringes together with the medicine bottles. They would inevitably end up lost. Now, with this ingenious little clip, I can keep the syringe attached to the bottles. I give my child her medicine, quickly wash the syringe, then attach it to the bottle where it can dry and be ready for the next dose. They’re amazing and I would recommend them to any parent as a must have item for babies and small children!

Amanda B.

Such a great little tool!

Syrgi is such a great little tool! Before, we couldn’t keep track of the medicine syringes and they were often dirty from not drying properly. Now, Syrgi keeps the parts all together with the correct medicine bottle and keeps them clean and dry too! I would recommend Syrgi to anyone with infants and toddlers to help keep the medicine cabinet organized and clean!

Katie M.

Syrgi is so handy!

Syrgi is so handy! I can’t tell you how many times my medicine syringes have been knocked off the counter into the trash, or worse, behind the toilet. Syrgi saves them AND me by keeping everything tidy and clean in one convenient place.
Rebecca S.


The Old Way vs The Syrgi Way
big & small syrgi combo