Before School/After School Checklist For Kids

School is starting everywhere!  It's hard to remember all the things you need to do AND pack to get ready for school.  Need a way to simplify your life?  Give your child a helpful infographic checklist for school mornings and afternoons.  Take away the stress and the endless reminders by posting this checklist in an easy-to-read, central location to make those hard mornings and afternoons easier!

Download our free school checklist infographic here.  When you print, make sure to adjust the scale so that it prints properly.

Other versions: here and here

Will you still have to give your kiddo reminders? Probably. But keep reminding him or her to "Double-check the checklist" and before you know it, you'll see serious progress in them being able to get themselves ready for school!

Want modifications? Or different checklists?  Tell us in the comments!

Struggling with all the papers coming home from school?  Get our infographic (and learn all our Pro Tips) on the easy way to manage them now!

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