10 Apps to Organize Your Life

10 Apps to Organize Your Life

You probably need a lot of help in your life.  I know I do.  Things can get out of control in an instant.  Luckily, for a lot of what we have to deal with we have options to manage it all.  The trick is to find really GREAT helpers that truly make life better.  I love these apps because they truly HELP me do life and with less STRESS! Most are free.  All are fabulous!

Disclaimer: Yep, there are affiliate links.  For stuff that I would recommend anyways.  If you buy from the affiliate links, Amazon will give me a TIIIIINY percentage from your order.  It’s your call, but it’s always appreciated!

Here are my favorites:

Reminders on my iPhone

I use these for EVERYTHING!  Like what? To dry wet laundry 40 minutes after I add it to the washer, to pick up my kids from school (you can set recurring reminders for weekdays), to write my blog posts, to clip my kids' nails.  It may seem ridiculous, but I usually have my phone near me (and my Garmin watch receives these notifications, too).  Since I WANT to accomplish these things, and just NEED a helpful reminder, I use Reminders and get more stuff done.  It's really helpful that I'm in the habit of scheduling the reminders for when I think I'll actually be able to complete these tasks.  If I scheduled stuff for when I'm making dinner, those things would not get done.  Or if I just add the reminder, but don't schedule it, I never actually look IN the app, stuff just pops up at me.  And if I can't do the task right then?  It gives me the option of delaying it by certain time periods (like 10 minutes, 1 hour, or tomorrow).  So helpful!


There are a LOT of things I love about Alexa.  We have 3 echo dots currently: in our living room, the kitchen, and the hub's office.  So it's AMAZINGLY helpful to add reminders to Alexa for times when I know I'll be in the kitchen, like during weekday breakfast before school.  We have several recurring reminders that keep up on track ("Alexa, remind me every weekday morning at 7:20 to Do Sight Words").  You can reorder items from Amazon through Alexa.  You can ask her questions: "Alexa, convert 8 tablespoons to cups" (YASSS!)  You can play music, which is my little kids' favorite thing ever: "Alexa, shuffle Trolls Original Motion Picture Soundtrack".  You can even Alexa as an intercom.  We do this a lot!


While Pinterest is terrific as a virtual bulletin board, Evernote is like a magical binder that makes all of your hopes and dreams come true.  It's free on up to 2 devices (read: my phone and my laptop).  It has amazing search features.  You can organize your whole life into different Notebooks with different Tags (sometimes things sorta overlap, #amiright).  I love to use it for lists (especially if I'm going to want access to it on both devices).  I love to use it to store documents and research I do.  If you find yourself using your phone's Notes app a bunch but get frustrated by how disorganized it makes you, you should use Evernote!


Do you have a lot of tasks to manage?  My favorite To-Do App is Wunderlist.  It's free!  I can access it both on my phone and laptop.  It helps me organize and rock my whole life.


We all need help keeping track of our budgets and Mint is fantastic!  It works with practically every bank and type of account, it's free (they show ads), and it will help you get your money organized in no time at all!


Meal planning is the worst!  Unless it's fast, easy, and requires virtually nothing of you.  This is Disheroo.  Unlike some popular meal planning apps, Disheroo gives you total control over your plan and it's FREE.  You can easily add your own meals and there are tons of features for keeping track of your entire meal planning world.

YouVersion Bible App

My favorite thing about this Bible app is that it will READ you the passage.  I love to LISTEN to my passage while I eat breakfast or during my post-run stretch.  It's sometimes hard to fit everything in.  Having such convenient access to the Bible makes it so much easier!


If you ever like to do your Bible reading while exercising, you should know about OneLineWord.com.  It breaks down whatever chapter of the Bible you want into one-line chunks and cycles through them as slow or fast as you want to make it easier to read while doing your workout.  It's free and will keep track of whatever you're reading!  There's even fast-paced background music that you can turn on to keep you going!


Our family frequently watches various YouTube videos together.  Our favorites are Ted-Ed riddles, Two Cents (to learn about money), Dude Perfect (silliness), and kid dance videos to get them moving when it's too cold outside- GoNoodle, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, and MooseTube, to name a few.  Just be careful, there's also illicit material on there, so don't give your kids free rein. How to set parental controls.


Do you like free books?  I do!  Many libraries are now offering free electronic borrowing.  Mine uses the Overdrive app, or Libby.  It's super easy and convenient.  We even borrow books for our kids to read (they have refurbished Kindle Paperwhites, which are fantastic).  No trips to the library, no MISSING BOOKS, no fines, and you can get several books IMMEDIATELY!!!
What apps do you LOVE that make everything better??  Tell me in the comments!

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