When your baby won’t stop taking off his pants and diaper

Have you ever gone to get your baby at the end of naptime to find that he has taken off his pants?  If not, don't think it won't happen to you (I have multiple friends who've had this happen, too!)!  I've had 3 babies who went through a phase where they wouldn't stop taking off their pants and diapers!!!  And when they pooped, they would play in the poop, smear it all around, and sometimes EAT IT!!!!  Obviously, this is gross and we wanted it to end NOW!  I'm going to tell you how we made it through this phase so you have this tool in your arsenal.

Here are 4 steps you can take to get your kid to stop taking off his pants and diaper

Step 1

Always make sure you put baby down in a completely dry diaper.  That way you should have a least a little more time before it needs to be changed if that is the reason for this behavior.  If your baby is soaking through their diapers, either go up a size at night or put them in overnight diapers.

Step 2

Sometimes just making his clothes a little more challenging can stop this behavior, so try tighter pants.  You can also put him to bed in pants UNDER a onesie, which will totally confuse him and slow him down a bit...

Step 3

Put her onesie on backwards so it's really difficult to undo the snaps.  But sometimes my baby was savvy enough to take the onesie off through the neck hole...
Or, put a sleeper on backwards so he can't unzip it or undo the snaps.

Step 4

Give up on the pants.  She's going to take them off--there's nothing you can do.  But you can duct tape the velcro flaps of her diaper so she can't get them off.  It works really well.  Packing tape (the plastic kind) doesn't adhere to the diaper as well and baby can pull it off, so make sure to use duct tape and keep it away from baby's skin.
Have you experienced this?  How did you solve the problem?  Tell me in the comments!
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  1. Another way to make compliance worth her while is to add properly executed time-outs. ? ? Each time she refuses to put her clothing back on when requested and each time she takes her clothing off outside of your designated naked time, put her clothes on for her and enforce a time-out. ( Learn more about how to make time-out work for you here .)


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