This 1 Trick Will Help Your Kids LOVE Reading and Make Bedtime EASIER

This 1 Trick Will Help Your Kids LOVE Reading and Make Bedtime EASIER

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We all want our kids to be smart and successful, right?
One sure-fire way to set them up on the right path is to instill a deeply-rooted love of reading.
We also want our kids to sleep well and to fight going to bed LESS.
I have a TERRIFIC trick for you that is CHEAP, helps kids LOVE reading, and makes the bedtime process EASIER!!!  Oh, and did I mention that you'll be able to send your kids to bed 15-45 minutes before they actually need to go to sleep???
So what is this amazing trick?  Is the suspense killing you??

Give them booklights.

Our two oldest kids (who share a room with 2 younger siblings) were complaining that they have to go to bed SO EARLY.  And I'll confess, it was early in comparison to the other kids at school.  But we knew that the two younger ones would have a TERRIBLE time if they knew their sisters were getting to stay up after them.  And we were wanting to foster a greater love of reading, so we bought them book lights.  Oh, and they will make a GREAT Christmas present!
We have these exact ones, and LOVE THEM!  (And they take normal AAA batteries.)

Book light rules:
  • You must turn them off when I tell you to.  And no using them in the morning before you're supposed to be up.
  • No waving them around and using them as flashlights
  • You cannot let your little sisters look at your book with you
  • No being disruptive
  • No talking
  • If we get home late from something and they go to bed late, we will usually give them 5 minutes so they can wind down quickly before falling asleep.

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This Trick Will Help Your Kids LOVE Reading More and Make Bedtime EASIER!

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