Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is almost here!  Toys and books are great for your kids to open, but if you want some practical items thrown in there too, here are some helpful ideas for when Aunt Hildy asks for a list:
Especially when your kid is a baby or toddler, they don't care WHAT they open, they just love opening presents!  So why not stock up on some of the essentials this Christmas?
Disclaimer: Yep, there are affiliate links.  For stuff that I would recommend anyways.  If you buy from the affiliate links, Amazon will give me a TIIIIINY percentage from your order.  It’s your call, but it’s always appreciated!

syrgi - syrgi is a clip that attaches to the medicine bottle to hold the syringe and plunger, for convenient drying and storage.  It makes it SO MUCH EASIER to deal with your kid's medicine when everything is clean and organized. No more searching a drawer for the syringe and plunger!

Tylenol and Motrin - you WILL need them at some point!

bathing supplies and toys, toys, toys - kids LOVE bubbles and toys and you like your kid clean.  Opt for these toys that won't soak up water and get all moldy! Yuck!

Munchkin 360 cups.  These.  Are.  Amazing.  Use them instead of sippy cups.  And your kid will have a really easy transition to open cups.

boo boo packs - We use our boo boo packs daily.  It's nice that they're easy for kids to hold and do the job well!

water cups - Check this post on water cups to see our favorites!

pillow protector - These are a LIFESAVER! Vomit? no problem. Just remove the yucky pillowcase to wash and wipe the pillow protector off. Voila!

shoes (or a gift card to buy shoes) - Does anyone NOT love new shoes?

mattress protector - Kid wakes up wet? Pull off the sheet, wipe off the protector, put on a new sheet and the kid is asleep in no time!

potty seat - Because these are INFINITELY better than a little potty.

stool - If you have children, a stool is a must.  This one folds flat and works like a charm!

sleeping bags - For sleepovers or camping (if you are one of those nature-lovers)!  I love that these are solid colored!

book lights - This is why book lights might change your life for older kids.

Kindle Paperwhite - Did you know many libraries let you check out ebooks?  For FREE?!?!  And that Amazon has TONS of free books?  We got our kids refurbished Kindle Paperwhites and they are FANTASTIC!  Our kids can read during the day or before bed (there's no blue light keeping their brains awake), the battery lasts FOREVER, and I don't have to make any trips to the library (or store tons of books in my house)!

Garmin Kids Activity Trackers - Encourage healthy living! And you can give them chores through them. It even has a rewards system!

What practical items did I miss?  What should people ask for for Christmas?  Leave it in the comments!

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