How to Have a Delightful Christmas Shopping Experience

Let's take a break from all the election nonsense to think about something easy:  Christmas SHOPPING!!!
I'm really not joking.
Several years ago, as the grandparents and extended family started asking for Christmas ideas for the kids, I would panic.  It was a huge undertaking to figure out what to ask for and then how to divide up the lists so we wouldn't get duplicates.  We would spend tons of time shopping and making lists and emailing and it was a CHORE.  Not very merry.
Then a few years ago, we started doing things differently.
You can dramatically simplify your family's Christmas shopping, and more importantly, the shopping done FOR YOUR KIDS by grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even family friends!
Disclaimer: Yep, there are affiliate links.  For stuff that I would recommend anyways.  If you buy from the affiliate links, Amazon will give me a TIIIIINY percentage from your order.  It’s your call, but it’s always appreciated!

How to have a delightful Christmas shopping experience

You NEED to use Amazon Wishlists.
It is absolutely free to use and lets you create a custom list for each child.  You can keep them private or make them public.  You can sort the lists by preference so your child gets the items he or she REALLY wants!  And BEST OF ALL, when your loved ones purchase the items, they come OFF the list, so you won't receive any duplicates.
And if you're anything like me, you'll occasionally shop for your kids on your phone to see if there's anything else they'd like.  It's literally 2 taps to add those items to their wishlist.  It couldn't be more convenient.
Here are some things we love that YOUR kids will LOVE for Christmas:

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