Make your life easier by using symbols to tag your kids’ stuff

I LOVE this.  It works so well.
It costs virtually nothing and dramatically increases your ability to help your kids keep track of their own stuff, even when they're too little to read.
Yes, that is a tray full of Chapsticks.  Good grief.  My children love them and they're good for them, so why not?
Enter symbols.  A simple, easily recognizable symbol drawn with a fine-point Sharpie on your kiddo's stuff works WONDERS! We're currently using suns for one kid, and in the past have used diamonds and stars.
Communicate clearly to all your littles (and your spouse or Nana) what the symbol means and why you're using it so everyone's on the same page.
And make sure to draw it on a place where it won't immediately get rubbed off.

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